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The Real Reason Tillerson Called Trump A ‘Moron’ Is Revealed And It Makes Perfect Sense (TWEET)

Donald Trump is still throwing a hissy fit over the fact that his own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, called him a “moron” during a previous meeting at the Pentagon several weeks ago. More details are emerging about why this happened, and now things are starting to make perfect sense.

Of course, Trump actually IS a moron – so there’s no questioning that. However, Tillerson did have more than enough reason to lash out at his undeserving, insane boss. According to NBC News, several sources have reported that during a meeting with national security leaders in July, Trump asked to increase America’s nuclear arsenal tenfold! Trump seemed obsessed with nuclear weapons and continued to bring them up during the meeting, and also stated that he wanted more troops and military equipment.

 Of course, the military experts had reservations about this. Tillerson was also in the meeting, and sources stated that he was shocked by Trump’s request and muttered “moron” under his breath when the meeting had ended.
Tillerson has been in the spotlight recently over claims that he was thinking of resigning. Tillerson has denied those reports, however he refuses to deny that he called Trump a “moron”, even as Trump throws temper tantrums on Twitter over it. Most recently, Trump has even challenged Tillerson to an IQ test to prove that he is not a “moron.” It has never been more depressing to think of Trump as our President.
Trump is a disaster in the White House. He is obsessed with nuclear arsenal and he cannot be trusted. For months he has been pushing the envelope with North Korea, nearly threatening to thrust America into a completely unnecessary nuclear war. Tillerson was absolutely right to call Trump a “moron” and Trump just can’t stand to hear the truth.

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