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Even Fox News Is Growing Weary Of Trump; Top Anchor Gives Trump Dire Warning (VIDEO)

Fox News has largely been an ally to President Donald Trump and his administration. However, many newscasters of the conservative network aren’t so quick to celebrate President Trump. Fox News host Neil Cavuto had a few words for the president.

Cavuto has been known to give harsh advice to President Trump, telling him to stop scapegoating and stop calling news “fake.” In his most recent critique, Cavuto called out President Trump for his feud with Senator Bob Corker.

He called out President Trump’s propensity for tweeting his every thought, saying that “these tacky insults just seems beneath you.” “You’re running out of friends faster than you are running out of time,” Cavuto quipped. Cavuto noted that President Trump would work himself into a corner, since many senators respect Corker and will not stand for President Trump’s feud with him.

Trump and Corker

President Trump recently said that Corker is retiring because he refused to endorse him for reelection. This claim has been refuted. Corker has said that he is not looking for reelection and denied the president’s claim. He went on to say that the White House has turned into “an adult day care center.”

Cavuto ended his speech by warning President Trump that Congress will eventually get fed up with what’s becoming a public shaming ritual.

You know things aren’t looking too good for Trump when there is an underlying current of disdain for him coming from Fox News.

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