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Assange Says He Has Proof Clinton Lied, Shows It On Live TV (VIDEO)

Julian Assange says that he has proof¬† Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton lied and has been lying about her classified emails. The WikiLeaks founder appeared on Hannity, who is a staunch Trump supporter and who seems to have grown an affinity for Assange. He gave him airtime to unleash a barrage…

Polls Show Sanders Would Win Presidential Election By Landslide

If Bernie Sanders were on the ticket for the presidential election this year, polls show he would trounce both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a landslide. Poll data from hundreds of polls nationwide show that both Clinton and Trump have the worst favorably ratings since this type of polling…

Wasserman Schultz Accused Of Rigging Her Re-Election Bid

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) just won her re-election bid in her district but not before allegations of fraud were thrown against her. Schultz was heavily involved in revealed emails that showed that the Democratic National Committee favored Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Now Wasserman Schultz…

WikiLeaks Founder Just Revealed Why Sanders Really Dropped Out

WikiLeals founder and editor Julian Assange has clear disdain for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the system that got her the nomination. Last month he released emails, just prior to the Democratic National Convention, that showed that the Democratic National Committee had worked against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in favor…

Bush Era War Criminal Responsible For Iraq War Refuses To Vote For Trump

When a dangerous man who was the main cheerleader behind the disastrous invasion of Iraq that lead to the unnecessary deaths of thousands of American soldiers believes Donald Trump is “too dangerous” to become president, it should send chills down the spines of all Americans. Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy secretary…

Obama Strategist David Axelrod Just Unleashed Attack On Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Former chief strategist to President Barack Obama David Axelrod had some choice words for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her behavior in the wake of the email scandal that has left her campaign scrambling for an explanation. In surprising criticism from a Democratic ally, Axelrod said that Clinton “should…

BOMBSHELL: Trump Preyed On Iraqi War Veteran’s Widow, Swindled 35k

Command Sergeant Major Jonathan Miles Lankford served in the army for 23 years and was stationed in Iraq when he died of a sudden heart attack in 2007.¬† His widow Cheryl now faced a dire situation as a single mother and hoped to better her life and that of her…

Voting Rights For Convicted Felons Just Restored, GOP In An Uproar (VIDEO)

Some people believe in second chances and that’s the case for Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), who announced that he’s restoring the voting rights of 13,000 felons as he sought to move past a state Supreme Court decision that prevented him from moving forward with his plan to restore the…

Cornel West Rejects Bernie Sanders, Has Message For His Supporters (VIDEO)

Dr. Cornel West, a staunch progressive and champion of oppressed groups like African Americans and Palestinians, condemned Bernie Sanders for endorsing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, pointing to the fact that people should not jump on the Clinton train simply because the alternative is Donald Trump. West, who endorsed Green Party…